Case Study: Gaurav First Home Buyer

How Gaurav went from renting in a share house to owning his own home in 4 weeks saving $3,200.00 on the price.

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Gaurav is an IT professional working in Sydney.

At the time he came to eConveyancing NSW, he was wasting money on a share rental and he wanted to start to build his own property nest egg and put down roots in a community.

Gaurav says that “Personally speaking this is the most important financial decision I would have taken in my life till date”.

Gaurav says that his favorite part of working with eConveyancing NSW is….
“The clarity I received on my each and every query and minimum effort required from my side
getting the whole process through. Again, the way I was guided throughout the process was
nothing less than spectacular and I am grateful for that.”


Gaurav was renting in shared accommodation and wanted to stop throwing away his money.


With eConveyancing NSW’s amazing 9 Step program, Gaurav undertook his due diligence, we organised his documentation for First Home Buyer stamp duty concessions and we negotiated a short settlement of 4 weeks to enable him to stop throwing away his money on rent sooner.


Gaurav moved into his new home in 4 weeks from signing the contract.  Gaurav says that step 8 of our 9 step program was the most help to him in that “getting all the relevant parties on board for early settlement and specially liaising with my bank” “requiring minimum efforts from my side” was the most important of steps taken by eConveyancing NSW.

Let eConveyancing NSW help get your bank on board at all times during the process to maximise your dealings with them


To keep the cost of buying to a minimum.


We recommended Gaurav use our experts to obtain a building report which sets out any defects, faults or other buildings issues.  


Gaurav was able to negotiate a rebate of $3,200.00 from the Vendor which he can use to fix any issues with the property or simply save to spend on other requirements.

By buying your first home sooner you will start creating a nest egg for you & your family’s future.

Gaurav moved from a rental sharehouse to his new home only 4 weeks after signing the contact.  He says that “getting all the relevant parties on board for early settlement and especially liaising with my bank”, “requiring minimum effort from my side” was the best part of eConveyancing NSW’s 9 step program.

Gaurav A., First Home Buyer 

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