Case Study: Nick & Ally First Home Buyers

How Nick & Ally stopped renting & paying off their landlord's mortgage to owning their own home!

Nick & Ally are a young couple from Sydney, working for a cancer care company as a software developer and a primary school teacher.


At the time they came to eConveyancing NSW, they were sick of wasting money paying off the mortgage of their landlord and but were worried about how to buy a home and how to ensure they purchased the right property for them.

Nick and Ally said…
“… one of the best things was that eConveyancing NSW were “always on top of what was meant to happen at every step and kept us informed throughout the whole process”..”


Nick & Ally were renting and paying of their landlord’s mortgage


Nick and Ally found a new home and with eConveyancing NSW’s guidance and one-of-kind 9 Step program, undertook investigations with our recommended experts, completed all required forms and settled on the property happy!


Nick & Ally moved into their new home 6 weeks from signing the contract.  They said said “the communication, being aware of every step, every process and knowing the next steps was amazing”

Let eConveyancing NSW liaise with agents, banks and experts at all times during the process to maximise your dealings with them


There were some issues with the agents


We liaised with all parties including the broker, agents and vendor’s solicitor


Nick and Ally said: “We had lots of ups and downs due to agents issues and Nicole got us through all of that, she was our one constant source of positivity, throughout everything we would constantly say “thank god we have Nicole”

By moving into your first home with our help you can feel safe and secure and stop paying down other peoples assets.

“Overall, we had very little understanding of the process, everyone told us something different. eConveyancing NSW relieved a lot of stress through ensuring our contract was thoroughly checked, our due diligence was performed – connecting us with a trusted contact of theirs. Finally, liaising with the different vendors and agencies to get our settlement across the line”

Nick & Ally, First Home Buyers 

If you are ready to go from stressed out home buyer to happy home owner, grab a quote below or call Nicole at eConveyancing NSW on (02) 8812 5459.